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Classic wedding dress: 3 reasons to choose it


Every year there are new models of wedding dresses. Some of them are very bold, frank, challenging the classic models and the usual understanding of the bridal image of the bride.


Despite the development of modern fashion, classic dresses do not lose their relevance. They always remain in fashion. There are at least 3 reasons to opt for this particular outfit.


First reason. Perfect appearance


It is important to properly understand what a classic wedding dress is. It must necessarily be white, fitted and long. Such a dress can never be confused with a party outfit, and no one wears them a second time. Exploring the Wedding dresses ARIAMO offers, you can see many classic models.


Why is it ideal for many brides? There are several reasons:


  • the A-silhouette suits absolutely everyone;

  • this style sits perfectly on any figure;

  • fits any height.


This is a timeless classic among wedding gowns. Although some may consider a mermaid style dress or models with a straight cut as a classic. Such options should be approached more carefully, as they are not suitable for all types of figures.

The second reason. A win-win choice


Not all girls can boast perfect taste in clothes. And if you are afraid to make a mistake when choosing a wedding dress, it is impossible to make a mistake with a classic model.


A classic wedding dress may have different decorations and cuts to fully meet your desires. It may be open, closed, with sleeves of different lengths, with or without decorations. The choice is yours.

Third reason. It's an heirloom of your family


A classic dress has no expiration date. Time has no power over it. That's why your dress can become a real family heirloom. 


You can't rule out the possibility that one day your daughter will marry in your dress. It will be an unforgettable experience for you and for her. Even if you have different figures, it's not a problem. Experienced craftsmen can easily tweak and adjust the outfit to fit your figure.


For the more practical girls, it's also a good option for earning money. Classic dresses can be rented or sold. Buyers will be found for sure.

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