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Fax: send via document management software


As the days of traditional fax machines slowly pass, alternative ways to send documents are taking their place.


To send or receive a fax, different methods can be used. Someone prefers the possibilities of IP-telephony. Others actively use special online services.


Another good, efficient and affordable method is to use software designed to create and convert different types of documents. It is about this method that we will talk in more detail today.


How to send faxes


It is not always necessary to specifically connect VoIP or install additional software to receive and send faxes over the Internet.


If you carefully look at the list of programs built into your computer, you will surely see among them those that will help you complete the task. This is about the question of how To send Fax Via Computer, and even do it for free. 


In fact, the function of sending faxes is already in many programs that are designed to work with documents.


The simplest example is computers and laptops that run the Windows operating system . Each such computer has a software package called MS Office. It includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint and so on.


If you want to send a fax, just select the "File" menu, click on the "Send" item and select "Fax via Internet" from the list of options.


The function of sending faxes is performed by a program called Outlook. It is with its help that you can send a document or a fax message using the capabilities of Microsoft services.


The only caveat is that in order to work with these programs, you will first have to register. But there is nothing complicated here.


And in order to send files from document applications, do not forget that the Outlook service must be in an activated state.


A nice addition for those who use a program called VentaFax to send faxes. After its installation, users have a convenient opportunity to send faxes directly through the interface of the MS Word office application.


To do this, select the "File" menu, then click on "Print". In the new window that opens, in the list of available printers, simply select "VentaFax". And feel free to send your documents.

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